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conall, dale mayer

Conall (The K9 Files #24) by Dale Mayer – Free eBooks Download


Conall is more than happy to head out after a War Dog has gone missing, leaving a wheelchair-bound military war veteran lost and alone. Yet what seems like a simple job takes an unsavory turn, when Conall comes face-to-face with darker undertones in that town.
Bethany always wanted to have her own veterinary clinic, and she’s been doing a decent job of it, until so much of the town died that she finds it hard to get and to keep decent staff. Her temporary help suddenly embroils her clinic in a mess involving a missing War Dog, and then Bethany uncovers what else this young lady is involved in. None of it’s good.

Conall refuses to back down or to walk away from the sudden hell Bethany’s life has become. No telling how ugly this can get …

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