Commissioning His Virgin by Jamie Knight (ePUB)

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Commissioning His Virgin (Club Lush #11) by Jamie Knight – Free eBooks Download


I only plan to play with her body.
Until her creative spirit captures my heart.

I don’t do relationships or commitment.
It’s one night of fun and then I’m on my way.
But everything changes with the quarantine.
My favorite place to find pets, Club Lush, is closed.
So I’m browsing a taboo website they recommend.
Looking for someone to bring home to my private lair.
Gina’s profile intrigues me because she’s an artist.
As a billionaire, I have an extensive art collection.
I decide to commission a painting from her to add to it.
And then I’ll add her virginity to my list of conquests.
Usually I’m rigid, strict and in charge.
But I find that Gina brings out the artist in me.
Her body is like an hourglass-shaped sculpture.
I want to trace her hips and brush her curves.
And feel her glide underneath me.
We flow together like complimentary colors.
Soon I’m wanting to create more than just art with her.

It was only supposed to be for one night.
But now I want us to make masterpieces together forever.

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