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coming into focus, eagan daniels

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Forced to choose between worlds, Willa risks losing the found family who needs her, the drummer who loves her, and the career she was born for.
Given the options of being an overpaid assistant to a famous British rock band on the verge of making it huge in America or staying home to work three menial jobs to take care of a brother who has outgrown the need for her, Willa Reynolds’s decision is obvious: her brother might need her again eventually, and she’ll stick around until that happens.
When you love someone, you don’t leave. She learned that the hard way from her mom. Granted, Willa’s dream of being hired as a photographer for music magazine Offstage is a long shot when the only people she mingles with are the customers that come into the coffee shop, but she’ll think of something.
But when her brother announces he’s going to college and practically shoves her out the door, and the rock star in question sweetens the deal by offering to pay her even more and giving her the opportunity to build her photography portfolio in the process . . . Willa has to admit that it seems like the universe is sending her a message.

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