Come Dance With Me by Finley Daniels (ePUB)

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Come Dance With Me (Elladine Fire #2) by Finley Daniels – Free eBooks Download


What if the man you’ve labeled your enemy is the same man who ignites long dormant sparks of passion and desire in your heart and body?

Nurse Shayna Donley is a lady boss who gets life done. She’s not anti-romance, but she doesn’t have time for it. She certainly doesn’t have time for anything with Finn Bannon and his sexy, cocky, firefighter self.
Shayna is a sassy firecracker. She’s stubborn and a fierce single mom with a heart full of gold. But don’t cross her because, once she’s decided you’re her enemy, it’s very hard to change her mind.

Just ask Finn, hot-as-hell Elladine firefighter, who is good at everything, but especially at infuriating and offending Shayna.
Finn is used to women fawning over him, but he doesn’t know what to do when the one woman he actually wants is the one he can’t have.

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