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cole, valencia heiss

Cole (Lost Mountain Fire & Rescue #10) by Valencia Hess – Free eBooks Download


I’m all city fire. He’s small-town good manners and mouth-watering looks.
I went looking for quiet in the country and that’s not what I found there.

The plan was moving from the big city to a quiet mountain town would calm me down. But a misunderstanding on day one shows habits are hard to change.
Before we’ve even fully met, I’m ready to give my new landlord a piece of my mind.
But then we lock eyes, and sound stops coming out of my mouth.
The man renting me a cottage isn’t some sleazy landlord.
He’s a local firefighter, rugged and handsome and too hot to be allowed.
I can’t have made a worse impression, and yet all I can think about is his smile.
What have I gotten myself into?

I think I’m supposed to be offended. We haven’t even exchanged names before my new tenant is accusing me of every crime under the sun.
But I realize it’s not her accusations that’s got my blood pounding.
Everything about her stands out, from her out-of-place heels to her sharp tongue to the beautiful eyes that try to warn me away.
She’s not the quiet renter I thought I was looking for.
I know I should keep my distance, but now I can’t get her out of my head.

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