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Club Sin Chicago Collection by Penelope Wylde – Free eBooks Download


Escape into over 600 sultry pages of forbidden romance. Room Eight offers a sensual forbidden enemies to lovers between two mafia families. Room Two gives a mafia princess a chance at a family with three Navy SEALs and Room Seventeen. Oh, my. The villains in this one will leave you…satisfied to the max. Secrets, keys and dirty fantasies all await you inside Club Sin Chicago Collection.

I made two mistakes.
My first is I slept with the enemy. All three of them.
Despite being a Constantine princess, I signed on the dotted line to give the enemy an heir. They swore an oath in blood to protect me for my sacrifices and I accepted. And in doing so, I broke every family code I swore to uphold.
Now I am not sure who the villain of this story is–the three deadly and possessive Bratva men who swear I’ll never escape their burning caresses.
Or me.
Because I know no matter the price for my betrayal to the family, I can’t walk away.
And it all started in Room Eight.

Three ripped, gorgeous brothers-in-arms want to know if I can perform on stage at Club Sin: Chicago between the three of them wearing only a mask and a pair of heels.
It’s a very good question I’m eager to answer.
When I first saw their newspaper ad I thought it meant I could have a little fun and lose my V-Card to three military studs before I went back to my castle with its cold walls and my heavy crown.
I was terribly wrong.
I started out with one harmless secret and now I have a second one with a nine month due date.

They are villains. They are monsters. And I am their prey.
Yet they are my forbidden fantasy.
The jagged lines between right and wrong in their world prevent me from getting close to the men who took more than my heart back in New Orleans.
All three corrupted mafia men refuse to accept the one night we spent together as the start of something new. Yet night after night they continue to take.
And I give.
My body. My blood. Even my soul, should they ask for it.
But I know the unspoken secret. They long for the same dream I have—to love and be loved.
Until them, my life was nothing more than a fevered nightmare. Their warm caresses and heated whispers chase away my demons. But my cruel kings bring a whole new world of pain to my life. One where I can’t keep what I desire most.
Or can I?

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