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close your eyes, logan chance

Close Your Eyes (Gods of Saint Pierce #3) by Logan Chance – Free eBooks Download


I’m engaged to a monster. One who keeps me on a very short leash. I know my days are numbered before I can call this man my husband, but I don’t mind. Because I know I have to do this. I signed up for this.
Until I meet Ledger Thorne. In the clandestine corners of our world, a forbidden bond blooms between us, fueled by a longing too dangerous to name.
It’s completely sinful the way he stares at me.
The way he breathes my name.
The way he burns for me too.
To want Ledger is dangerous. A danger I can’t have any part of.
In a world where every desire is a betrayal, I am left grappling with the impossibility of our love. To resist him is to defy my very nature, but to surrender is to risk everything I hold dear. And so, I’m left to navigate the treacherous waters of forbidden passion, torn between duty and the insatiable hunger for the one I cannot have.
Easier said than done.

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