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close quarters, romeo alexander

Close Quarters (Isaiah Ranch #2) by Romeo Alexander – Free eBooks Download


The only thing that frustrates me more than my life, is Elliot!
And the feeling is mutual.
Yes, yes, I know. I let my temper run away with me…again. That’s what got me locked up in the first place. I hit Riley, then Elliot and I got into a fight, and now I’m stuck with the idiot 24/7. What kind of hellish punishment is that?
I don’t think I hate him, and I’ll be the first to admit he’s kind of hot, but God, will he ever just shut up!
Forced together and told to work out whatever this thing is between us, it turns out Elliot may be the one person in the world capable of keeping my temper at bay. He…gets me. Maybe we could be good for each other. Maybe…more?
Turns out we are good together, very good! He brings out a softer side of me no one has seen before, including me. I can’t possibly be falling for him, can I?
But violence and death are just around the corner, and if I’d known what hell awaited us thanks to a missing flock of dumb sheep and a gang of drug runners, I might have walked away…but now, it’s too late.

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