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close quarters, regina kyle

Close Quarters (Faster) by Regina Kyle – Free eBooks Download


I left racing for a reason.

But when team owner Jacques LaRue offers me a chance to try to make amends for my best friend’s accident, I find myself back on the circuit hand-holding rookie driver Grady Lewis. We’re miles apart, and not just in age. He’s the sunshine to my grump. The fresh-faced newcomer to my jaded veteran. The friendly free spirit to my solitary recluse.
And if I want to help the man who I put in a wheelchair fund his new charity, I’m stuck being Mr. Sunshine’s race engineer for the rest of the season. The voice in his ear on race days. The link between him and the rest of the team. Which means we’ll be practically joined at the hip.

Strangely, despite our differences, the relationship works, on and off the track. And it’s the off-track part that’s the problem. Sure, we’re hot for each other. I mean, who wouldn’t want Grady? The guy is seriously smoking, with his California surfer boy good looks. But hooking up isn’t just a terrible idea, it’s potential career suicide. For both of us.
And falling in love? Well, that would be a disaster of epic proportions. Every time he goes out on the track, his life is in my hands. The last time I was responsible for someone I cared about, he wound up paralyzed, and I almost drowned myself in a bottle of Jameson. My head is telling me there’s no way I can risk that happening again.

But it seems like my heart has other ideas.

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