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Climbing the Longhorn (Illicit Heat #2) by Ann Lister – Free eBooks Download


It was on the suggestion of Christian’s therapist that he spend more time outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and get a little exercise in the process. His family and friends were constantly harping on him to do the same.
“Live a little and don’t be afraid to take chances,” they said.
“Life’s a journey best enjoyed with a healthy dose of adrenaline,” others said.

But their droning words of advice was exactly why he found himself walking around in circles—lost in the middle of an unfamiliar hiking park—east of Nowhere and a little south of Wherethehellami.
The only human he’d managed to see in the last three hours, the one person who could possibly point him in the direction of his car, was a gorgeous man who preferred to do his hiking … naked.
Who hiked around naked in the woods like that?
Derek did, and he was about to show Christian exactly why hiking naked was the only way to experience the sport.

In “Climbing The Longhorn,” Christian sets off for the hike of his life with Derek as his personal trail guide. Turns out, hiking naked up the Longhorn is just one of many erotic adventures Derek exposes him to that weekend, and the fresh air and exercise never felt so good.

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