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clearly not human, pearl tate

Clearly Not Human (Alien Integration #2) by Pearl Tate – eBooks Download


Is this guy crazy? Or am I? Because I’m convinced he’s not quite human…

I can’t watch my brothers die. It’s doesn’t matter whether it’s from getting sick and turning into a mindless zombie or getting shot by looters who have taken over the food markets. My heart can’t take it.
Everything in my life has fallen apart in the last four months. My boyfriend and I broke up, so I ended up moving back home. Then this crazy new virus started spreading out from the big cities. Now both my parents are missing, and I’m left grieving while trying to be strong for my younger siblings.
I have to be tough and figure out how we’re going to get through this. So when I’m captured by men at one of the local markets, I’m thankful my brothers get away.
Better me than them. But an unlikely hero arrives, a miracle really, and my life’s turned upside down—again.
It’s clear to me he’s different with life-saving gifts that save not only me but also my brother. But I can tell he’s not being one hundred percent honest with me. Does it really matter when he’s saving lives?
I’m drawn to him, knowing I’ll never meet anyone like him again. Can I keep him from leaving?
Even with his help, will it be enough to save us all?

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