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Claiming You (Watercress Falls #6) by Aria Bliss – Free eBooks Download


We’re just friends. That’s all I asked of her. Maybe if I keep telling myself that, I’ll finally believe it.

Lizzy intrigued me from the moment our eyes met, but there’s a sadness behind her pale blue gaze begging me to keep my distance.
Yet we cross paths at the most unexpected times. And each time we meet, I fall a little more for her. She seems interested but something keeps holding her back. Until the day I find her on my family’s property, painting the mountain view.
She looks like a dark-haired angel, calling out to me to rescue her. While her eyes tell me to stay away, her body tells me a different story. So I kiss her just like I’ve wanted to since the day we met.

Then, with tears in her eyes, she drops a bomb that changes everything.
She needs a friend right now far more than she needs a man in her life. So I put myself in the friendzone—a place I’ve been thrust into more times than I care to count—and be everything she needs me to be. But with each passing day, it becomes increasingly clear that I could never be Lizzy’s friend. She’s come to mean far more to me than that.
But I refuse to add another complication to her life because of my own selfish desires. I won’t push her for more. If she wants our relationship status to change, she has to choose me.
And that’s something no woman has ever done before.

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