Claimed By the Vissigroth by Bella Blair (ePUB)

claimed vissigroth, bella blair

Claimed by the Vissigroth (The Vissigroths of Leander #3) by Bella Blair – Free eBooks Download


Letting her go is not an option. She is MINE.

KYRA: My dream mission has always been to visit the Fourteen Planets and find out what happened to the lost refugees from Earth a hundred years ago. Finally, the Cosmic Coalition agrees to finance this mission.
But upon arriving on Leander, everything is different from what I envisioned. Right away some despicable creature nearly kills me, and it’s only thanks to the alien, Duncayn, that I survive this encounter.
Duncayn turns out to be one of the vissigroths ruling the Fourteen Planets and promises me his help to meet Susserayn Kennenryn and fulfill my mission.
Sparks fly from the first time our eyes meet, but how can we have a future when we are from such different worlds? I have a job, a life on Kronos and he is a Vissigroth. I come from a civilized world and he is… a barbarian.

DUNCAYN: When I rescue Kyra from an Eulach attack I have no idea that this small encounter will turn my live upside down. But when she rides in front of me on my nicta, I receive a small glimpse of the torture this little human is able to inflict on my body.
Mercilessly her perfect behind rubs against… well, we’re riding on a nicta, you get the picture. My only consolation is the knowledge that I will make her mine tonight and every night thereafter.
When she turns out to be my querilly, the mate I’m destined to find in each of my lifetimes, I begin to wonder about our future.
Not only is a civil war brewing on the Fourteen Planets, but how can I ask Kyra to give everything up for me, her home, her friends, her job, when I am unable to do so for her?

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