Claimed By the Diamond King by Violet Rae (ePUB)

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Claimed By the Diamond King (My Alien Caveman) by Violet Rae – Free eBooks Download


I like to think I’m an open-minded gal, but I’ve never believed in the whole “we’re not alone in the universe” thing. Wormholes? Time travel? Aliens? Um, nope.But when I’m ripped from my comfortable-if-a-tad-boring-life to a strange, prehistoric land, these phenomena seem the only plausible explanation. Because I’m pretty sure my version of Earth doesn’t have insects the size of small cars and beasties with four eyes.

The biggest surprise of all is the seven-foot alien with sparkly skin and a bod made for sin who appears from nowhere, grunting at me in a strange, guttural language. The dude is huge, growly, and looks like he wants to club me over the head with his enormous weapon and drag me to his cave to make cute alien babies. Yet there’s no denying his wicked fighting skills when I’m attacked by a giant snake-beast, convincing me that my best chance of survival is to stick with my unexpected knight in sparkly armor. But as we traverse the primitive landscape together, my life isn’t the only thing at risk… my heart is too.

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