Claimed By the Bratva by Kira Fyre (ePUB)

claimed bratva, kira fyre

Claimed by the Bratva (Orlov Bratva #1) by Kira Fyre – Free eBooks Download


As a mobster, my father has always had enemies.
I just never thought I’d be forced to marry one of them.
I can’t ignore the age gap between us, or accept that he’ll take my virginity.
Ivan Orlov, Bratva Mafia Boss tried his best to destroy my family, and my attempt for revenge failed, miserably.

I tried to lure him into a trap, instead, I caught his eye.
Under financial duress, my father makes a deal with the devil.
My hand in marriage for the financial freedom he seeks.
I don’t want to be his unwilling bride, but why do I tremble at his touch?

He can force me to play the part, but he can’t force me to give him my heart.
He claims my innocence, my future, and realizes my wildest dreams.
His ruthless touch awakens my darkest desires
But can I allow myself to love the enemy?

Now someone is threatening my husband, can I be the Bratva wife he needs?

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