Claimed By the Bikers by Nikki Landis (ePUB)

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Claimed by the Bikers (Feral Rebels MC #1) by Nikki Landis – Free eBooks Download


The worst secrets are the ones you can never tell.

I’ve become an expert at hiding bruises.
No one knows about the scars I hide under my clothes … except for my best friend, Embry.
One horrible night, things go too far, and Embry insists on sending her cousin to help.
A wild, inked, bad boy and member of a notorious biker club.
I didn’t count on him riding to my rescue with two of his MC brothers.
The three overbearing, possessive outlaws won’t take no for an answer.

Slash, Embry’s cousin and my secret crush. I never told him how I felt. He’s a reckless, dangerous, brooding giant who growls every word. He’s rumored to have earned his road name through his ruthless skill with a blade.

Gunner, the trio’s older, more experienced alpha, insists on keeping his distance and barking orders. But the look in those stormy gray eyes betrays his struggle, especially when they flash with heat and raze my body with their smolder.

And then there’s Havoc, a pierced, tattooed playboy with lean muscle and coiled strength. He’s left a mile-long line of broken hearts in his wake. But when his dark eyes focus on me, I swear he’s plotting how to maim everyone who’s ever hurt me.

The three bikers swear to keep me safe.
They won’t rest until the threat against me is eliminated.
But they didn’t know what they’d dig up. Lies, corruption, and a trafficking ring are only the beginning.
My father’s debts and horrifying choices reveal truths I can’t escape.
The only way I’m surviving this mess is to trust the Feral Rebels MC.
And let Slash, Gunner, and Havoc claim me.

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