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claimed, jennifer chance

Claimed (Gatekeepers of the Gods #3) by Jennifer Chance – Free eBooks Download


I’ve given the gods everything. They’re not getting her, too.
As the chief diplomatic ambassador of Oûros, there’s no challenge I won’t accept from the crown. No task too dirty, no op too dangerous. After all, I was committed to serving this country by Hermes himself—and as a demigod of trickery, subterfuge and adventure, I know life is the ultimate game.

Then the crown asks me to team up with a daredevil American who sets my blood boiling and my teeth on edge, the two of us assigned a dangerous mission to find the long-lost royal son. How can I protect this woman who tempts the fates so brazenly, always taking the most dangerous course, the most foolhardy leaps, and never seeming to care if the next adventure will be her last?
I’ll just have to give her something to live for.

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