Claimed By Her Capricorn by Annalise Alexis (ePUB)

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Claimed by Her Capricorn (Astrological Mates) by Annalise Alexis – Free eBooks Download


Their worlds collided when he fell from the stars, but it wasn’t meant to be… or was it?

I was a teenager when he showed up, bruised, and battered from a galaxy far away. My first love, my first everything—he gave me hope that the universe was bigger than the tiny, miserable place I was stuck in.
For months, he was my lifeline. A best friend who stayed by my side during my worst nights and showed me that trusting someone didn’t have to hurt…until he disappeared and broke my heart.
Now he’s back, asking for the very thing he swore would always be mine.
They say there’s a thin line between love and hate. No one mentioned the part where I could die before I figured it out.

As the sole heir to the Anori horde leader, it is my duty to mate and seal my icanos’s position as the ruler of our planet. I failed him as a youngling when I crashed to Earth and almost died and now that I am of age, I will fulfill my duty.
Infighting and schemes have kept my people from flourishing for rotations and I am determined to bring chaos to an end. But before I can, I must go back to the scene of my ultimate failure and find the female who I once swore belonged to me.
Along with my word, I gave her something…something I must get back to mate another but when I go to retrieve it, not even the Great Creator himself could have prepared me for what was to come.
Callie was once my life. Now, I fear she will be the death of me.

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