Claimed By her Alien Prince by Bella Blair (ePUB)

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Claimed By her Alien Prince (The Alien Princes of Tartarus #1) by Bella Blair – Free eBooks Download


Tonight, I will feast on her body… and her swanlike neck.

Lilith: Redeyes and sharp fangs have haunted me in my dreams for as long as I can remember, but lately the dreams have become more intense, and where the man in it used to frighten me, he suddenly arises sensations in my body I never experienced before.
And I mean never.
Not for lack of trying, but no other person has ever risen the desire in me to take things to the next level.
That all changes with the sudden appearance of aliens. When six other women and I are taken to the alien spaceship, we are each supposed to become a bride to one of the Princes of Darkness.
However, when my eyes fall on one prince and I recognize him, the man from my dreams, everything changes.

SETH: I never asked to be part of this quest, and I most certainly will not contribute to its continuance. Or so I swore.
However, when my eyes fall on the female I have been dreaming about all my life, I rethink my stance quickly, because under no circumstances will I allow her to be hurt.
When my older brother Nergal claims her as his bride, I have no choice but to start our quest early and challenge Nergal to a fight of life and death. The winner will get to have her—Lilith.

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