Christmas with the Klagan by Holly Hanzo (ePUB)

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Christmas with the Klagan (Klagan Warriors #1.5) by Holly Hanzo – Free eBooks Download


About a month ago, Ivy was rescued by the Klagan Warriors from an Elodian slaver ship. She’s brought to Klaga where she’s trying to make a new life, since she has nothing and no one to go back to on Earth. All she wants to do is get settled, and try to find something to celebrate, with the winter season heading their way. She has no intentions on falling in love.
Navil doesn’t look like the other Klagans, but unfortunately, no Klagan female finds him attractive since ‘the incident.’ When a ship of human females lands on Klaga and begins making preparations for a Christmas ceremony, Navil jumps at the opportunity to help the humans with their preparations.
But when they get snowed in a few days before the first ever Human-Klagan Christmas party, on the way to get a special dessert, their chances of making it back in time look slim.
With green qiva falling from the sky, an ornery faal pulling their ‘sleigh’ could Navil be the one to make Ivy see perhaps Christmas can exist on Klaga?

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