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Christian (Aiden’s Mountains Shifters #2) by A.F. Montoya – Free eBooks Download


When Christian got hired as Aiden’s assistant, he made it his mission to be the best assistant Aiden ever had. Any challenge Aiden laid in front of him, he met it head on. So why was it so difficult to train Aiden’s mate’s new assistant? Tyler was… difficult. He made a lot of mistakes. And how in the world did he keep changing the copier settings? And when it turns out that Tyler was his mate? For the first time ever, Christian was facing a challenge he might not be able to meet.
Tyler was trying. That should count for something. It wasn’t his fault electronics seemed to hate him. But no matter what he did, he couldn’t seem to please Christian. And he desperately wanted to. There was something about him that drew Tyler in. He wasn’t ready to give up, but when he has an unfortunate run in with a dragon and his past catches up with him, he starts to wonder if maybe he was in over his head. How can he be a good mate when he was constantly looking over his shoulder? Something had to give.

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