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Chosen Hearts (Nobledark Academy #3) by Laney Powell – Free eBooks Download


Being an Underworlder among light workers used to be my biggest concern. But if I fail, all Hell is going to break loose… literally.

So now that I’ve got a handle on my precarious situation at Nobledark, it’s time to drop the hammer on another unsuspecting demon spawn. Misery loves company, am I right? My demon daddy has been one busy guy who has not one, or two but three secret daughters out in the world. Before you think he’s paternal, rest assured – he’s just hedging his bets. But he didn’t bet on me.

My half-sister, Violet, is being held by the Concilium, and she has no idea why. If they had their way, the world would be full of open hellways. It’s good for business. Unfortunately for them, our demon daddy knows exactly where they’re holding Violet. It’s up to me and my other half-sister, Raven, to get to her first.
Meanwhile, back at Nobledark, my men and I are starting to see the benefits of having an Underworlder in the mix. We are stronger together, and my one hope is that we can find a way to survive all that is coming. Raven and I have to get to Violet first.

If we fail, this horrible curse will continue to plague the world forever.

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