Chopper Pilot’s Delight by Charlie Richards (ePUB)

chopper pilot's delight, charlie richards

Chopper Pilot’s Delight (A Paranormal’s Love #41) by Charlie Richards – Free eBooks Download


Into the Paranormal World: When a helicopter pilot takes a contract to record activity at a cattle ranch, he learns far more than he bargained for.

While Enrique Walters thinks the request is weird, gas prices are high and work in the off-season is slow. He takes ex-mayor Sheldon’s money to use his helicopter to surveil the ranch where the new acting mayor—Albert—is living. Even hearing the crazy family rumors about Albert, Enrique thinks Sheldon’s infatuation is due to the fact that the ranch is not only the place where Albert lives but also where the sheriff’s partner works. Sheldon’s actions against the sheriff caused the guy to get fired, after all. Enrique figures Sheldon wants to get some sort of blackmail information on them all.

Still, money is money, and Enrique needs it.

When Enrique’s trips during the day turn up nothing, Sheldon insists Enrique fly by at night. He spots something he can’t explain right before something slams into his bird. Struggling to control his descent, he hits his head. As he slides into unconsciousness, he figures that’s the end.

Enrique’s surprised to wake up, safe and sound, in the arms of… something. He learns gargoyles are real, and he’s the mate of one named Trynche. Enrique knows he can never allow the ex-mayor to find out the truth. Except, Sheldon learns a little something another way and demands Enrique’s help in exposing the monsters. With the help of his new friends, can Enrique shut down Sheldon for good and keep their secrets safe?

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