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Choices (Deranged Drifters MC #12) by Logan Gray – Free eBooks Download


She was kicked out of the house when she was seventeen. Almost twenty years later, she’s back, but the reception is less than warm. In fact, it’s not even room temperature. It’s frigid.
He’s a cop who has been in love with a woman of the Deranged Drifters MC since he was a teenager. A woman who married someone he considered his rival in the battle of her heart. A new woman of the club catches his eye, but can a cop every really make it work with someone related to club?
Ashley Short returns to Griffin’s Beach after nearly twenty years of being gone. After her mother was brutally murdered by a rival of the club, she turned to other ways to cope that her father didn’t approve of. In fact, she was only seventeen when he kicked her to the curb, and she’s never fully forgiven him for it.
She left her ex, Bane, along with her drug habit while he was locked up. The last thing she ever expected was for him to show up in her hometown, but show up he did. She knows she has to stay strong, but he tries to force his way back into her life. He’s almost successful, too. At least, he could have been if it hadn’t been for Grayson Tate, her next-door neighbor who just so happens to be a cop.
Bane is still out there, lurking and waiting, and after her brother, Ky, basically tells her she’s dead to him, she has very few options. Her father doesn’t believe her, not that she’s ever given him any reason to, and she can’t go to the club. Out of desperation, she decides to turn to the one person she knows could crumble any chance she has of reconciling with her family.
As Grayson and Ashley grow closer, the bigger the risk. He’s a cop, and she’s the daughter of a Drifter. They’re crazy to think it could work. But after she nearly gives up her sobriety as she wrestles with her feelings and inner demons, she does what she never thought possible. She turns to the club for help. Well, another daughter of the club.
The woman she turns to is one she never expected to grow a friendship with. Alexis Nichols is the woman Grayson was in love with. She’s a woman who was always destined to be part of the Drifters. Ashley never wanted this life. She always wanted more, but at the end of the day, this is her family.
Tempers flare, secrets come out, and Ashley’s past finally catches up to her. It threatens to cost her everything, especially the family she never thought she’d have again. But even if she wins, does it even matter if she can’t be with the one person she’s grown to love? Her entire life has been made up of a series of bad choices. Now that it’s time to woman up, what will she choose? Her family or the one person who was there when no one else was?

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