Chasing Shadows by Jamie Garrett (ePUB)

chaisng shadows, jamie garrett

Chasing Shadows (Shadow Strike #1) by Jamie Garrett – Free eBooks Download


They thought they could scare her into silence. They didn’t count on me.

Ava Morgan. She was just another voice on the end of the phone. Just another case. Her friend and co-worker had gone missing and no one at the lab where she worked wanted to hear about it.
But then I met her.
Ava is as smart as hell and yet has absolutely no idea how much danger she could be in. No idea how far someone will go to keep their secrets.
At first, I thought this was another missing persons case. Easy. Simple.
I had no idea what was coming. How horrific the secret really was.
If I’m going to keep her safe, the only choice I have is to expose it all. But I’m falling for her.
In a world of shadows and deception, falling for the one you’re protecting complicates everything.
I’ll break every rule, call in every favor to protect Ava and unmask them all before it’s too late. They have no idea who they’re dealing with.

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