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Chasing His Bride (Dearly Beloved) by Milly Kent – Free eBooks Download



I’m joining my friend for her bachelorette party in Vegas.
But why am I the one leaving with a husband?
When in Vegas, the stakes are always high, but this time, my friend Bree has outdone herself. She proposes a one-thousand-pound bet on who can pull off the craziest stunt in Sin City. Considering Bree’s wild track record, I’ve mentally wired the cash to her already.
But then, a twist: a man who needs a wife for a year makes me an offer I can’t refuse, providing the perfect opportunity to clinch the bet.
It doesn’t hurt that he’s offering well over a thousand pounds. Or that I find myself falling for him—maybe it’s his piercing blue eyes, his dazzling smile, or the way his touch suggests he might actually want more than just a pretend relationship.
But he knows I’m only in America briefly, I suspect he prefers his fake wife lives on the other side of the Atlantic—a perfect arrangement, no doubt.
An arrangement I agreed to.

So why does it hurt when I become a runaway bride?

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