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chasing after you, nicole vidal

Chasing After You (The Cappellis #4) by Nicole Vidal – Free eBooks Download


Who meets their soulmate in the third grade? I did. We were inseparable. After life threw me a few curveballs, I made a conscious choice to protect our friendship and actively thwart any romantic feelings I had for Lily. To do so, I purposely dated women who were her opposite in every way.
After a heated discussion with my current girlfriend and Lily cuts all ties with me. Meanwhile, I’m unaware my best friend was also pining for me. It isn’t until tragedy strikes our family do I realize how special Lily is and how losing her completely will break me.

Can we overcome the latest curve thrown our way or are we doomed to unrequited love for the rest of our lives?

The York Beach series featuring the Cappelli Family are standalone romances with interconnecting characters. Each novel focuses on one couple and can be read in any order, but but for maximum enjoyment it is recommended they are read starting with book one.

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