Chased By the Fairy by Opal Reyne (ePUB)

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Chased by the Fairy by Opal Reyne – Free eBooks Download


With a sprinkle of old, a dash of new, and a whole bunch of darkness and smut, in this Thumbelina retelling we follow Sorrel, a tiny naïve man who recently emerged from his flower.
Upon accompanying a stranger into an animal sprite town, the best night of Sorrel’s life turns into a journey of kidnappings, chaos, and unkindness. The fairy prince unwittingly breaks his promise to keep Sorrel safe, and he is nowhere to be found when Sorrel is forced to face the world alone as winter sets in.
He holds out hope for rescue.
He wants to be with Prince Cypress, who stole his heart with a single kiss.
How will he get home when he’s no bigger than a thumb, and the world is crueller than he ever imagined?

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