Charming as a Killer by Kendra Moreno (ePUB)

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Charming as a Killer (Keepers of Enchantment #1) by Kendra Moreno – Free eBooks Download


Gold runs thicker than blood. . .

Aurelia hardly remembers a time before she was trapped in Phillip’s golden cage, captured and forced to become a part of his court to await her twenty-fourth birthday. Phillip speaks of horrible plans for her, terrible things, but he can hardly hope for them to work out when the Enchanted Forest has a giant problem. Plagued by attacks from the giant beings, Phillip has one option.
Hire the infamous Giant Killer, Jack, with his stolen gold.
Jack didn’t earn his fame by being nice. Jaded by life and determined to take whatever he wants for himself, Jack steps into this new court with his eyes on the caged princess. Her attitude calls to something primal inside him. Her lips beg him for a kiss. It’s forbidden, and might very well result in him losing his head, but Jack has never been scared of dying. Magic appears to those who demand it.
Two paths call out for Aurelia: vengeance and freedom. The worlds collide and send ripples throughout the kingdom. Will she have the strength to survive it, or will she succumb to the chaos her sister left behind?

After all, some things are worth more than gold.

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