Charmed in an Arranged Marriage by Dorothy Sheldon (ePUB)

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Charmed in an Arranged Marriage (Love Beyond Expectations #1) by Dorothy Sheldon – Free eBooks Download


In a world where power and wealth dictate matches, Lady Bella Redcliffe and Lord Edward Harrington find themselves in an arranged marriage, bonding over books and history. Can this union of minds overcome familial schemes and societal expectations?

Lady Isabella “Bella” Redcliffe, renowned for her wit and independence, is thrust into an unexpected arranged marriage with Lord Harrington. This union, orchestrated by their power-seeking fathers, leaves Bella feeling trapped, as she is not ready for marriage. However, she soon discovers a shared passion for literature and history with Edward, igniting an unforeseen spark of interest.
Lord Edward Harrington, a man of honor and subtle grace, is unexpectedly charmed by Bella’s vibrant intellect and spirit. Their mutual love for history and literature, along with similar experiences of personal loss and strained parental relationships, draws them closer. Typically reserved Edward opens up under Bella’s influence, revealing depths previously hidden. Their deepening bond, nurtured by shared grief and intellectual pursuits, forges a path for a unique and profound connection.

As romance blossoms between Bella and Edward, they must confront not only their differences but also the rigid expectations of their fathers. Will Bella and Edward seize the opportunity to carve their path, or will the invisible forces of society and familial scheming drive them apart? Will they grasp their chance at a shared forever, or will external circumstances ruthlessly shatter their blossoming love?

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