Charmed By The Coxian Gods by Alyx X. (ePUB)

charmed coxian gods, alyx x

Charmed By The Coxian Gods (The Alien Masters #6) by Alyx X. – Free eBooks Download


Two Alien gods are always double the trouble, especially when they have the unique ability to increase a woman’s pleasure with a glance.
I’ve always been on my own. Parents gone, planet dead. I’ve saved myself my whole life to sell myself to TERRA and those darn Alien’s.

Well, until I get myself into a bit of trouble and then I’m stuck hiding on this rock dancing for those Alien’s while they make a pitstop from picking up their human cargo.
That’s when these two golden skin space gods came wandering into my club. One look from their golden eyes and my thighs are all tingly, turns out that happens to be their superpower.
A superpower that they want to use on me. Not that I have any interest in joining their “Harem.” What kind of Alien’s are they anyway?
The kind that will do anything in their power to take the human with them, even if it means defying the laws of their kind. Turns out I’m forbidden, and just looking at me could get them all killed.

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