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Changing Her Tune (Rock My World) by Kylie Marcus – Free eBooks Download


When my best friend suggests spending the summer following Renaissance Revival on tour, I can’t say yes fast enough. I’ve been in love with Roman Knolls for as long as I can remember.
Then it happens, we have one blissful night together, and … it’s all over. He doesn’t want to talk to me again, and I’m left with more than just the pieces of my broken heart. I’ve got two lines on the pregnancy test too.
I’m just a groupie to Roman, another woman he can use and move on from. But for me, this is so much more. And now there’s a baby mixed-up in all this too. I don’t want to do this on my own.
But Roman wants nothing to do with us, so maybe I’ll have to.

My place is at the back of the stage, focused only on my guitar. I’m not the frontman, and I don’t want to be either. Until I see Skye, then all I want is to be in her spotlight.
It doesn’t bother me that she slept with the lead singer of my band or that she’s pregnant with his baby. Mostly, I’m just pissed that Roman is treating her the way he is. She deserves so much more than that.
She deserves the world.
So if Roman can’t see what’s right in front of him, what’s stopping me from stepping up and being the man Skye needs. It’s not like I don’t already play second-fiddle to Roman, so this really won’t bother me.
I mean, if I keep saying it, it’s gotta be true – right?

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