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Changing Grades (Back In The Day) by Ember Davis – Free eBooks Download


When I got the invitation for my 15-year high school reunion, I said right then and there I wasn’t going to go. Why would I want to? I don’t have anything to prove to those people.
I came from the wrong side of the tracks and there were people in school who never let me forget it. I’ve made something of myself now. I love my construction job and I work with a great crew who are my friends. It’s my crew who encourages me to go to my reunion, not to prove anything, but for myself.
Back in the day, Sienna was the sparkling star on everyone’s radar, but she’s not the same girl now. Life has beaten her down and she doesn’t see her worth, but I’ll remind her. Finding out that she’s a single mom doesn’t change anything for me—I’ll prove to her that she’s mine and I’ll be the man she and her daughter need.

I’m looking forward to my high school reunion. Not because I want to hash out the last 15 years with anyone, but because it means a night out. Since becoming a single mom, I’ve learned to appreciate any time away since it doesn’t happen often.
I’m ready for some people to be surprised with the way my life has gone. I am too. I thought it would go completely differently than it did. That’s life, but it’s hard to not feel like a failure sometimes.
Seeing Griffin again reminds me of the crush I used to have on him. The difference now is that he’s looking right back at me and seeing me. Will he look at me the same when he finds out about my daughter? Can I trust the future he’s offering me?

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