Challenged By the Mountain Man by Lilah Hart (ePUB)

challenged mountain man, lilah hart

Challenged by the Mountain Man (Rosewood Ridge Riders #2) by Lilah Hart – Free eBooks Download


His noisy bike is disrupting her bookstore. Can they come to a peaceful resolution?

Biker Blast has taken over Main Street, which is bad news for my small bookstore. Not only is one of the bikes blocking the entrance to my parking lot, but the constant roar of motors is obnoxious.
When I head outside to confront the bikers, I come face to face with the head of the local motorcycle club. And he’s not too eager to move.
I’ll agree to anything for my bookstore, including an after-work ride with him. But then he reminds me I’ve been far too serious for far too long. This could be the guy who shows me what life’s all about.

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