Celestial Wolves by Charlene Pender (ePUB)

celestial wolves, charlene pender

Celestial Wolves (Celestion Wolves #1) by Charlene Pender – Free eBooks Download


Terra is supposed to be safe. But I’m one of the unlucky ones. Of the thirteen human women in this cell, I’m the only one snatched straight from Earth. And everyone knows once the Skulchers have you, rescue is hopeless…
But we hatch a plan to escape. The problem? The vessel we’ve stolen is a heap of junk, and we need to make an emergency landing onto an uncharted planet. As we enter the atmosphere, the shuttle rips in half, and our party is scattered into four groups. Surviving the crash is one thing, but finding the others? Impossible.
Of my group, I volunteer to go out into the snowy, mountainous terrain to find the others. But I’m not the only thing out here in this endless snow. When a giant, three-eyed wolf rescues me from another animal’s vicious attack, it seems I’ve gained a hiking companion. But when the wolf transforms into a tall, muscular alien hunk with a gem in his forehead, it’s suddenly hard to focus on finding the others when thoughts of his blue lips on mine consume me…

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