Celestial Academy: Null by Olivia Pharos (ePUB)

null, olivia pharos

Celestial Academy: Null (Afterworld #2) by Olivia Pharos – Free eBooks Download


Anomaly. Weapon. HIS.

After barely surviving the deadly Imperium Trials, their verdict reveals the shocking and unprecedented potential of Wen’s Unitas. But it’s her they expose as something that shouldn’t exist.
The discovery is so appalling, their immortal professors decide to keep it a secret, until they figure out how to deal with the implications–and her. She’s only relieved to postpone another complication. She have enough dealing with the escalating menaces of Academy life–and that Level-Nine Hunk of Frustration.
Godric. Her former nemesis, her indispensable mentor and her one craving. The maddening Angelhole who ordered her to forget his life-changing sacrifice. And his kiss. That kiss…
So what if he thinks they are a disaster of epic proportions in the making? Or that she’s playing with a weapon of mass destruction? Now that she know he reciprocates her obsession, there’s no stopping her from trying to shatter his control, and to set the passion seething between them ablaze.
But it seems Existence itself agrees with him, as a chain reaction of traumatic events conspire to come between them. Every incident feels like a step closer to the devastating internal war he sparked on her behalf, even as a far larger threat looms ever closer.
Wen is still ready to face anything as long as he and her Unitas are by her side–until a terrifying turn of events forces her into an impossible choice.
And whatever she does, she will most probably end up dooming them all.

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