Celebrating Sanctuary by Susi Hawke (ePUB)

celebrating sanctuary, susi hawke

Celebrating Sanctuary (Magical Mischief at the B&B #5) by Susi Hawke – Free eBooks Download


Sanctuary B & B—Our wards are strong and our door is open!

Hey, y’all. It’s me, Darcy Valentine. I’m still enjoying a fabulous, never-ending first date with my sexy vampire boyfriend Storm. Can you believe we’re celebrating a year together? Yep, we go together like toast and jam. He’s still helping me with the B&B I run inside the warded walls of the quirky, ancestral castle I call home with the rest of the special family my mama and I built with the motley group of weirdos who live here with us.

Lordy, do I ever have a crazy tale for you this time. I’m a huge fan of not just Storm but so many other authors. Imagine my thrill when Storm gets the invite to appear at a reader con right here in Austin. You only know I have to go with him, right? It’s the perfect way to celebrate things getting back to normal, our first anniversary, and… did I mention there’d be book signings?

Just one thing… Nobody told me these conventions can be deadly. Life-changing, in fact. Remember how I said I’m a huge fanboy? Y’all… I ain’t got nothin’ on the Storm Chasers. Who are they, you ask? Ha! Have a seat. This one might take a few to tell.

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