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catching her, mazzy king

Catching Her (Magnolia Mountain PD #2) by Mazzy King – Free eBooks Download


When reports of a prowler bring Trevor McNeil to his cousin’s home, he discovers two things: his cousin isn’t there, and the prowler turns out to be a tenant–a gorgeous, curvy tenant who’s there to work on a book. Can Trevor help inspire the romance in her story, or will he say goodbye once the misunderstanding has been cleared up?
When my older cousin asks me to keep an eye on her cottage while she’s away, I’m happy to do it. Between her nosy neighbor and me, her home will be more than secure.
So when I get a call about a prowler, I’m surprised—and outraged. No one’s breaking into my cousin’s house!
But I’m in for a huge surprise when I see who the “prowler” really is—a gorgeous, curvy woman who looks just as shocked to see me as I am to see her.
And now, my promise to my cousin has a major plot twist…because I can’t stay away.
After my home was burglarized, I need to get away and heal from the fear that still haunts me.
A quick trip to the mountains for a stay in a cozy, quaint little cottage and plenty of time in nature feels like the best medicine.
The last thing I expect is for my worst fears to come true—someone’s trying to break into my Airbnb!
This time, I won’t be a victim.
But the last thing I expect is a gorgeous uniformed cop—who thinks I’m the criminal.

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