Catch Me If I Fall by River Ford (ePUB)

catch me, river ford

Catch Me If I Fall (Seasons of Sugar Creek) by River Ford – Free eBooks Download


Darcy Fletcher has been struggling to find her purpose in life. She’s run out of general classes and still doesn’t know what her major should be. Perhaps taking a job as a nanny this fall will be a better use of her time than college. At least she’ll be making money instead of wasting it.
The new high school coach, Evan Porter, has decided that small-town Sugar Creek is where he wants to raise his five-year-old daughter. Unfortunately, he needs extra help during the football season. One of the Sugar Mamas sets him up with a nanny. Darcy’s young, impulsive, full of energy, and too appealing for her own good. He can’t stop thinking about her, but Evan learned the hard way that young love doesn’t last, and he won’t be Darcy’s practice run.
Will Darcy find she belongs with Evan, or will their age difference be too much for him to get over?

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