Catch and Release by Vanessa Wilder (ePUB)

catch release, vanessa wilder

Catch and Release (Beach Babes #1) by Vanessa Wilder – Free eBooks Download


He falls first. She’s sworn off relationships.
So they become friends with benefits. What could go wrong?

Willa’s track record with men is mediocre at best. All of her relationships have ended terribly–including with her current boyfriend of two years, who she just found out has a wife and baby.
Flustered, frustrated, and heartbroken, she moves back into her family home on the Gulf Shores, starts teaching yoga at a hotel, and swears off men.
Until she meets Shawn–the sexy fisherman next door who she’s definitely just friends with.
The only problem? It’s her first time being single in God knows how long, and there’s an itch her vibrator just can’t scratch…

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