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Catatonic (Tales of a Witch’s Familiar #2) by Alba Lockwood – Free eBooks Download


If cats have nine lives, then I’m down to eight.

Barely surviving the loss of my witch, I awake to find Charlie, Zaide and I are captured, caged and filthy. We don’t know what the witches want with us but at least we are together as we plan our escape.
Charlie is my new witch and our bond grows stronger by the hour but Zaide is distant, lost in his thoughts, and I worry that something went wrong when he saved me.
When my dreams are invaded by the beautiful son of the gods, Baelen, he offers to help us escape. His red eyes enchant me, and his bite is intoxicating but he swears me to secrecy about his visit.
As a last resort, I use my newfound power to save us, but cause calamitous consequences that work in the favor of our captors. A new evil rises. The supernatural community is under threat. And as secrets unfold, my past comes back to bite me… literally.

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