Casualties and Cupcakes by Charlotte Daniels (ePUB)

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Casualties and Cupcakes (Bakery Romance #1) by Charlotte Daniels – Free eBooks Download


It was just one month . . . that would maybe stretch into forever.

Paige Clark left her hometown ten years ago, and never looked back. Why would she? The past was filled with trauma and bad memories. But when her Grammy is in an accident, Paige realizes it’s time to come home and help run the bakery her Grammy loves so much.
And if she has to face her past, so be it. Maybe it’s time for that too.

She finds more than she expected. For instance, the nerdy boy she had a high school crush on has morphed into a sexy, muscular accountant. And her ex-best friend is working at the bakery Paige intends to save for her Grammy.
As Paige confronts her haunting past, she begins to examine her future. Will she leave town again? Or will she realize that home isn’t a place, but rather the person who makes her feel like she’s home?

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