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castle, ashleigh jameson

Castle (Angels #3) by Ashleigh Jameson – Free eBooks Download


My name is Lizzie.
I’m a proper lady who owns a successful business, and I’m engaged to a wealthy English gentleman.
Despite my outward success, however, there has always been something missing in my life. A hole that I couldn’t quite fill, so to speak.
Until him.
How I came to meet him was interesting. It began with a shocking discovery about my husband to be, which shattered the illusionary little love bubble that I had created in my mind.
Deciding the best course of action would be to drown my sorrows with a cheerful best friend and copious amounts of champagne, I find myself at a bar. A sprawling, lavishly decorated one situated in the glittering heart of London.
However, this isn’t just any ordinary bar. Beneath its stylish interior lies something else.
Something depraved.
A secret place where people are free to express their innermost desires without judgment.
And sitting on the throne of this lair, is him.
A hot piece of man wrapped in an obscenely expensive suit. A former killer, who now has me in his line of sight. And he isn’t letting go.
As Connor pursues me relentlessly, I find my body succumbing to his every whim while my mind is thrown into a clash between the woman I yearn to be and the one I was raised to believe I should be.
Make no mistake, that hole in my life has been well and truly filled.
Amid this internal war of the mind and body, a new threat emerges. One that aims to pull everything I’ve worked for from under my feet.
But I, Elizabeth McKinley, will NOT let that happen.
I’m going to take back what’s mine, and fight for a brand new future with the man who has breathed new life into me with a jumper cable.
The man who has shown me that strength comes in all shapes and sizes.

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