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captured ecstasy, raya morris edwards

Captured Ecstasy by Raya Morris Edwards – Free eBooks Download


Promising young soprano, Rosalia Antonucci, wants nothing more than to attend an expensive music academy for vocal arts. She unexpectedly finds the solution in the mysterious Peregrine Calo, the wealthy diplomat for the Italian-American mafia.
What she thought was a simple marriage of convenience becomes something more as she is pulled into Peregrine’s dark world.
Once she’s gotten a taste of his brilliant, artistic mind, she finds she can never turn back. But what is the cost of loving a broken man who refuses to love her back?

Diplomat by day, talented sculptor by night, Peregrine has spent years trying to work through the trauma of his past through his art. But now he finds his walls collapsing in the presence of his new wife.
As he uncovers Rosalia’s past neglect, he realizes her desire for his attention is exactly what his possessive, jealous side craves.
As he falls into an obsessive worship of his new wife, can he protect himself from being hurt again?

This book is a standalone that does not need to be read with any of the other Captured books. It is the most similar to Captured Light out of all four books.
It is a marriage of convenience, age gap, mafia romance with light sharing, and a HEA for the two main characters. It is not suitable for those under the age of 18.

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