Captured By the Beast by Jenna Kernan (ePUB)

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Captured by the Beast (Enemy Soulmate #1) by Jenna Kernan – Free eBooks Download


From bestselling author Jenna Kernan, comes the first in this thrilling epic fantasy romance series.

The nightmarish creature lifted a claw, slicing through muscle and sinew, tearing the fabric of her soul. The shock of attack reveals the truth. The ghosts that haunt her dreams have crossed to her waking world. When Michaela Proud suffers a supernatural wound, she grasps that ghosts are real and so, too, must be the guardians. Her one hope is to find a protector capable of defending her from her enemies. But how?

Shapeshifter grizzly bear, Sebastian, rescues the human female from her ghostly attacker only to discover Michaela is not human and is the soulmate he gave up seeking a century ago. Worse still, she has acquired dangerous enemies, doesn’t understand her powers, or sense their bond. Now he must gather the guardians to fight a foe once defeated by their ancestors, protect her from her enemies, and win the love of his fated mate. With time running out, will Michaela learn to use her powers before her enemies destroy the last of her kind?

*Previously published as ‘Dream Stalker’.

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