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Captured (Cruel Kings #1) by Piper Stone – Free eBooks Download


She became my obsession, a light to my darkness. Soon, she would become my possession.

As the oldest brother of the powerful and ruthless Saint family, considered the most brutal crime syndicate in Chicago, I could have anything and everything I wanted. All with the snap of my fingers. Wealth beyond my means, I was also a merciless man, my methods of keeping our enemies in line savage. There was no humanity left inside of me, no guilt of any kind. One day, I’d burn in the fires of Hell.
Then I heard her play, the gothic and provocative strains of her cello soothing the beast deep inside. With a single look at her angelic face, she quickly became my obsession. Nothing and no one would keep me from taking what I wanted.
Now, my captive, I required her to play for me and me only, but even the melodic strains weren’t enough. I needed all of her. When she made the mistake of trying to run, she quickly learned there was no escape. She fought me, refusing to give in, yet with every strike of my belt, every passionate and heated touch, my sweet angel learned to surrender.

There’s no going back. I’ve decided to keep her. Forever.

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