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Phantom (Dark Corruption #3) by K.M. Mixon – Free eBooks Download


I’m in debt up to my eyeballs. School has drained everything, including part of my soul. Now that I’ve graduated, the economy has turned and there aren’t enough jobs available. I have to figure something out before I drown. My friend Alyssa may have been joking about going on television for a fast cash infusion, but it’s starting to look like a viable option. A new season of Stranded is looking for next season’s contestants and the pay is more than fair, even if I don’t make it to the end. Sending my submission off will be easy. I probably won’t be chosen because I’ve never so much as camped in my life, but my father was a survivalist. There must be some of his tenacity in my veins, right?

I’m so off-grid even my past can’t find me. That’s the way I plan to remain. Until the end. No more high-brow, heavily guarded lunches, meetings that drone on into the wee hours of the morning or dealing with people. That was, until today. I stumbled upon a brunette bombshell practically in my backyard. A backyard I paid a fortune to keep empty. Winter has only just begun. As I watch her, I assess that she’s not going to make it. She knows nothing. She’s going to die out here. For some damned reason, I can’t let her.Captor and captive begin a battle of wills during one of the worst winters on record in the Pacific Northwest.
There will be heat and blood. The question is: will they both survive?

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