Captive of the Fae King by Silya Barakat (ePUB)

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Captive of the Fae King by Silya Barakat – Free eBooks Download


The Fae King has never let a single one of his brides survive longer than a night. But now I’m his newest wife… and I plan on living.

The powerful Summer King’s wrath is legendary. Cursed to marry a mortal, he takes a new wife every night, and by daybreak, the bodies of his former loves can be found scattered across the land. They’re a warning to all who would defy him.
As a lowly kitchen maid, I never thought I’d catch his attention. But when I’m dragged in chains to his court and thrown at his feet, I know my time is up. He threatens to kill my sister if I refuse him.
I’m to be his newest mortal wife.
The Summer King is as dangerously handsome as he is deadly. His power is unmatched, the intensity in his eyes unwavering. I must seduce him if I am to survive. But while I might be used to dealing with fickle nobility, the Fae King is in a league of his own.

The Summer King may never give me his heart, but I will make sure he remembers my name…. until our next night together. My very life depends on it.

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