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Captive Heart (Captive Hearts) by Vivian Wood – Free eBooks Download


I am a dark, ruthless man with a deadly mission.
I’ll sell anything to earn my next million, be it guns or priceless art.
A helpless little bird makes the mistake of crossing my path.
A beautiful girl that can help me with my next arms deal.
So I kidnap her, no matter how she screams and struggles.
She’ll keep me company and warm my bed until the deal is done.
She claims to hate me. She watches, waiting for the right time to run.
But I see the look in her eyes when she thinks no one is around.
Longing. Lonely. Hungry. I know her pain all too well.
I think I will be the one to set my little bird free…
All she has to do is submit to me first.

This is a boxed set featuring the complete King’s Capture Duet, plus deleted scenes and extended epilogues. This spicy book is intended for lovers of dark romance and contains dark romance themes.

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