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Captive Games (Twisted Mafia Kings #1) by Shanna Handel – Free eBooks Download


After being the sole witness to a crime on an isolated island in Scotland, a young, inexperienced intern is held captive at a secluded cabin by a striking yet merciless member of the mafia.
If he’s man enough to kidnap me, he’d better be man enough to handle me.

I should have known better than to disobey a man like him.
Piercing blue eyes, god-like bone structure, muscles for days.
Sexy lips made for delivering intense pleasure and dark threats.
He’s known for his legacy of dangerous, violent acts.
But I didn’t listen, and now I’m his captive.
He likes to play naughty, filthy games that leave my virgin heart racing.
Dark, dangerous games that fill me with lust and burning shame.
I have to escape him, but each time I run he catches me.
Craving the chase, I’m begging him for more.
He has a protective side too, never letting me out of his sight.
Taking care of my every need, spoiling me.
There’s only one way to beat my enemy at his own game…

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